Vanesa Littlecrow Wojtanowicz

PO Box 202
Rice, MN 56367

COUNTY: Benton
WORK PHONE: 320-492-0475
vanesa littlecrowwojtanowicz

VISUAL ARTIST - Photography, Paper, Drawing, Mixed Media, Digital. LITERARY ARTIST - Poetry.
PERFORMING ARTIST - Actor, Storyteller, Film Extra

“I consider myself a part-time or full-time established professional artist who routinely produces/performs. I actively market my work.”
I am a multidisciplinary artist and all-purpose model with a predilection for cartooning. My art is often shocking, strange but always thought-provoking. It can best be described as metaphorical autobiography. My inspiration comes from my own life experience and my voracious appetite for reading about current events.

Slides, video/audio tapes, or a brochure of work available to look at if requested.

I have marketed myself as an artist as follows:

Exhibitions/Performance History
    * Rocky Horror Picture Show at Moorhead State University (performer)
    * Moorhead State University Juried Exhibit (art exhibit)
    * The Betty Kewena Show at KMSC (radio)
    * In A Woman's Voice I & II (art exhibit and performance art)
    * Red Weather Reading at the Moorhead State University Library (reading)
    * Happenings (performance art)
    * Drive-By Poetry at the Coffee Club (reading)
    * Electric Walleye Film Night at the Frisky Goat (hostess and concert)
    * Fargo Poetry Slam at First Ave (reading)
    * The Un-American Radio Hour at KMSC (radio)
    * Art in Bloom at the Plain Arts Museum (model)
    * Fargo Poetry Slam - Slam on the Plains (reading)
    * Poetry Slam at Calhoun Square (reading)
    * Dunn Brothers Coffee (reading)
    * The Boog-E-Man Series at Bizarro's (online art exhibit)
    * All-Girl Girl (online art exhibit)
    * Vas Littlecrow Gallery at Realms of Darkness (online art exhibit)
    * Siren Song, a film by James Malec (model and dancer)
    * Poetry Night at the Ridgedale (reading)
    * Process 2000 and 2001
    * Music of Snow, a film by Denise Kriesel (non-speaking actress)
    * David Carlyon, Vas Littlecrow and Loki Kaspari in Concert at the Fireroast Cafe
    * Find Us Faithful (voiceover actress and director)
    * The Living Soul (substitute singer - various venues)
    * Burlesque on the Go (dancer and comedy - various venues)
    * Freelance Model (model - various venues)
    * ICSOD 1, 2 and 3
    * Lutefisk Sushi B
    * Emcee for Great River Arts Association Music in the Parks Series 2007
    * Interviewed on the Dangerous Lee Radio Show
For more details, please ask about my complete performance and modeling credits.

    * Less Than 25, But More Than 23 Comic Jam 2006.
    * Cartoonist Conspiracy Jam War 2006
    * Lutefisk Sushi B
    * It's Sammy (under the pseudonym of VCO)
    * Gag Factor
    * Polska, Sucka!
    * Dude Kitt (under the pseudonym of K. Skull Induxtrees)
    * Horror Hares
    * Farwest Creatures
    * San Juan Star
    * The Concordian
    * The Advocate -- Moorhead State University's student newspaper
    * Yellow Dye #5
    * fuzzface
    * The Guild: The Newsletter of Moorhead State University Science Fiction and Fantasy Club
    * The Electric Walleye
    * Synergy
    * Star Tribune
    * Pauta
    * Rice Reader
    * The St. Cloud Times
    * It Takes All Kinds
    * Sueños y Pensamientos 1993 and 1994
    * Red Weather 1994, 1996
    * Contemporary Poets of America & Britain -- Winter 1994
    * Mysterious Motions -- International Library of Photography
    * A Timeless Journey -- International Library of Photography
    * Best Photos of 2005 -- International Library of Photography
    * Modeling Network/Women of Desire/Lemmecheck
    * The Outpost at Firefly
    * Gaia's Navel
    * Multiracial Reader
    * Menstrual Monday
    * Incubus Choice
    * Hartford Formula Modeling Portfolio Checklist
    * Boileryard
I have taught art classes/private lessons for adults/students. For authors - gave readings of my work. I have sold my work at art fairs. I have done commissioned work.

I would be interested in: teaching art classes/private lessons for adults, acting as a Juror/panelist for arts grants/competitions, for authors - give readings of my work, selling my work at art fairs, and doing commissioned work.