Artist Career Development Program

CMAB Fiscal Year starts July 1, 2016 and ends June 30, 2017
The CMAB Artist Career Development program provides funds of up to $3,000 in support of projects, training opportunities and purchases that assist artists in making the next step in their artistic careers.

Funding for this program is provided through the McKnight Foundation.
An ideal Artist Career Development Grant will help an artist:
  • reach a new community or market
  • overcome a barrier to long-term success
  • professionalize or increase artistic output and quality
  • complete a project that marks a significant milestone in their career

Who Can Apply
• Artists at least 18 years of age
• Resident of Benton, Sherburne, Stearns, or Wright County for a minimum of six months prior to application
• Either a U.S. citizen or attained permanent resident alien status 

Application DEADLINE:
Thurs., October 6, 2016

*DRAFT Review
Requests no later than:

Thurs., September 15, 2016

BOARD Review Date:
Thurs., November 10, 2016
Panel Review • 11am - 3pm

Artist Career Development GUIDELINES
Read the Guidelines before completing an application online.
Click the icon to download either PDF or Word format.

Access the Grant System by clicking Manage Grant at the top of the page.

For instructions on how to create
an account and how to use the
online grant system,
Watch the Applicant Tutorial.