2017 Creative MN quantified the impace and needs of Artists and Creative Workers

Creative Minnesota and Minnesota Citizens for the Arts released a new study February 28, 2017 reporting that there are over 104,000 artists and creative workers in Minnesota.

The study also found that the combined economic impact of nonprofit arts organizations, their audiences and artists and creative workers is over $2 billion annually. This includes $819 million spent by nonprofit arts organizations, $564 million spent by audiences, and the direct spending of artists in their communities, on things such as art supplies and studio rental, of $644 million.

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Creative MN Report

"If the (nonprofit arts and culture) sector were regarded as a single employer, it would be larger than Mayo Clinic, 22 percent larger than the state of Minnesota, and 77 percent larger than Target Corporation," said Arleta Little, Program Officer and Director of Artist Fellowships at the McKnight Foundation. "Artists make many generous contributions to our communities and they deserve to be valued and compensated for their time and expertise like any other professionals."

View the complete 2017 Creative MN report at creativemn.org which includes information on the Economic Impact and Demographics of Artists & Creatives, Nonprofit Arts and Culture organization, the public Opinion of Arts as well as the strongest needs for all Minnesota Artists.

Central MN Report 
The Annual Economic impact of Artists and Nonprofit arts and culture organizations in Central MN (Region 7W) in nearly $46 Million! The estimated number of creative workers in Region 7W is 4,846 with the average hourly wage at $19.09.

As the third larges region by population it is also the third largest in total artists and creative workers with the second highest coverage of artists with retirement plans but ties with two other regions for lowest percentage of artist with no health insurance. Read the entire Central MN Report for a complete breakdown of creative jobs, demographics, spending and income and genres.