CMAB Awards Capital Arts Grants to Schools

The Central Minnesota Arts Board (CMAB) awarded $7,670 in Capital Arts Grants to three area schools.

The Capital Arts Grant for Schools provides funds of up to $3,500 with a 50% match requirement for the purchase of equipment and related supplies to make capital improvements in public schools. Such activities must have the potential for a significant long-term impact on arts programming in the school.

Schools receiving grants are:

  1. Paynesville Area High School, $3,500, updated staging sections that are easily assembled to elevate performers to better see the conductor and to enhance audience viewing during concerts and theater productions in the performing arts auditorium.
  1. Sartell High School, $2,258, Skutt KM1227-3PK Production Kiln and 12 CoreLite kiln shelves for regular production pottery use at the school.
  1. Talahi Community School, $442, a clay cart that will handle clay art projects, allow for better coordination of clay works up to the final firing in the kiln and will also help alleviate space issues in Talahi’s small art room.

Funding for the CMAB School Capital Arts Grant is provided by an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State’s general fund.

The Central Minnesota Arts Board (CMAB) strives to enhance appreciation of the essential economic and social roles the arts play in Benton, Sherburne, Stearns, and Wright counties by providing grants and professional development services to arts and community organizations, schools, government units and individuals.

For more information about the Central MN Arts Board grant opportunities and services go to or call the office at 320-968-4290 or toll free at 1-866-345-7140.