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The CMAB is creating a computer-based Artist Registry. If you are an artist living in Benton, Sherburne, Stearns or Wright Counties, we invite you to become part of our Registry by completing the Artist Registry Form below. Artists registering on our website must be 18 or older.

The following information will be added to the CMAB website:

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(If you do not have a website you may get one, at no charge, through Contact the CMAB office at 320-968-4290 if you need assistance.)

General Category: Primarily, what type of artist do you consider yourself? Check the area of your primary artistic interest or ability. (Choose one that defines your primary category.)

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Specific Areas: In which of the areas below do you have expertise: Include your primary as well as other areas where you have strong interest/ability. You may check more than one:







which mentions things about you and about your art that you would like others to know. (230 characters maximum.)
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Send us any comments you'd like to make or any needs that you have as an artist!
Email or call 320-968-4290 (toll free at 866-345-7140). We'd especially like to hear suggestions for workshops that you feel would be of value. We want to be of service in any way that we can. Thank You!

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