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David Ruhlman

Teaching Experience Grades 1-12 and Adults

I teach the use of collage, painting from still life, from imagination and art history.  I specialize in using recycled materials and finding creative uses for everyday objects. 

Here are some of the ways I like to explore and nurture creativity:

  • Have 4-5 objects that the student uses to create a piece of art.  I would also show the students work that I have made out of wasps nests, grocery bags, etc.

  • Have a still life up and have the students pick out short constraints before they begin. For example: paint the still life in a cubist style, or if you saw the still life through fog.

  • Teach the students about the game exquisite corpse.  When one student would draw an image and then cover it only leaving a little visible and then pass the image to the next student.

  • Have the students draw images for 15 minutes and then have then cut those images out and collage them making a new piece.

Residency projects…

Transformation and the Creative Process
Students use recycled materials that they would collect over a week or brought in. Those objects are then used to create sculptures and artwork.  With recycling and our habitat becoming more discussed this is a great lesson to teach the benefits of reusing materials.

All projects can be adapted to fit the needs of the class and goals and preferences of the teachers. 

Contact information:

Phone: 801-652-3209 
Email: david@davidruhlman.com
Website: www.davidruhlman.com

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