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Doug Wood

Douglas Wood

Teaching Experience Grades K-7 and Adults

As a published author of more than 30 books for children and adults, I have the experience of having presented to literally thousands of schools across the country. Over the years my goal has remained the same – to bring to every school the best author/artist experience they have ever received.

In my programs and residencies I always seek to nurture the spirit of creativity in students and staff.  This goal is approached in several ways:

  • Through the use of my own books and stories as a point of departure and teaching template, with a strong focus on  the connecting medium of story-telling.
  • Through the use of  music, using guitar and interactive singing as a medium of  teaching and expressing the joy of artistic participation and collaboration. 
  • Through the use of my own personal story as a poor student who had great difficulty learning to read, yet through perseverance became a successful published author and musician.
  • Through the use of  humor, warmth, and spontaneity. Along with commitment and depth of knowledge base, these are iessential tools in forging a real and meaningful connection with students.

Residency projects…

EarthSongs and EarthStories: Is a program for large group audiences/assemblies, based on my books and music recordings,  in which  students  explore and celebrate their connection to the natural world. “Painless learning “ and audience interaction create a journey of self-discovery

Miss Little’s Gift: Is an educational and motivational presentation based on my book of the same title (recognized as a Smithsonian Institute Notable Book). I explain my story of being a poor reader and student who struggled, and still struggles, with ADHD. Focuses on the difference books and reading can make in a life.

The Power of Words: Magic, Meaning and Metaphor. This smaller group workshop engages students with language and writing skills as a path to experience and understanding in life. Used with purpose and clarity, words can be among the most powerful forces in the world.  Interactive writing, sharing, and editing included.

A Writer’s Path: Follows my journey from first attempts at writing to a career publishing for books, magazines, and newspapers, focusing on the secrets and skills of successful writing I’ve found along the way. Also includes interactive writing and sharing.

All projects can be adapted to fit the needs of the class and goals and preferences of the teachers. 

Contact information:

Phone: 320-253-8211

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Teaches multiple string insturments.
Douglas Wood Author
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