Lee Ann Goerss - Visual & Literary Arts


Teaching Experience K-5 and Adult

I hope to encourage children and adults to more
freely explore art. You may not be an artist, but you have something to express to the world…

One of my passions is to work one-on-one with educator(s) to tailor an art residency that meets specific goals or curriculum requirements.

Here are some of the ways I like to explore and nurture creativity:

  • Work one-on-one with educator(s) to tailor art projects to meet specific curriculum requirements
  • Implement and design collaborative art, where individual students are part of a whole
  • Partner visual and language arts through the use of art journals that reflect student growth

Residency projects…

  • The Art of Student Collaboration
    Grade Level Collaborative Art–Grades K-5
  • Bugs Eye View of the States
    Acrylic Masks–Grades 3-5
  • My North American Animal Friend
    Acrylic Masks–Grades K-2
  • I Am A Uni-Verse, One Song” –
    Solar System Mixed Media–Grades 3-5
  • Seasons of Earth, Sky & Sea” –
    Mosaic Tile Wall Panels–Grades 1-6
  • “Telling My Story
    Acrylic Painting on Suitcases–Adults
  • Weaving Stories & Art“ - Assisted Living Residents
  • Hands Span Time”–Clay Tile Mosaic – Intergenerational
  • Dragon Fancy”–Watercolor Dragons & Stories–Grades 3-5
  • Robot Curiosity”–Mixed Media & Poetry–Grades K-2

All projects can be adapted to fit the needs of the class and goals and preferences of the teachers. 


Bugs Eye View of the States Residency

"We shine best when
we befriend another"
Mixed Media

star art

Contact INformation:

Phone: 763-682-4756
Email: lmgoerss@yahoo.com
Website: www.sarangssong.com

The student art was part of a class project where the students wrote six-word stories and used Zentangle® (the art of mixing patterns) for illustration created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas


Dream Shards
Inspired by Student Space Study Project
Mixed Media, 9” x 12”

space project

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