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Marienne Kreitlow

Teaching Experience Grades 5-12

I find joy in creating a safe, stimulating environment where students can develop their writing and performing skills as each discovers their own unique and potent voice.  Fortifying creative abilities brings students a sense of adventure and achievement, and helps them to experience each other at a deeper level.  It builds community.

Here are some of the ways I like to explore and nurture creativity:

  • I believe in drawing from our rich cultural heritage both as Americans and world citizens to deepen our understanding of each other and to discover what makes art relevant, powerful and enduring. 
  • I believe in fostering a culture where art is not about competition, winning, or being famous. I picture a world where song, story, theatre, poetry and dance are normal, natural occurrences and everyone participates.


Audio Samples
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Class Poem

warm ups
Poetry Warm Ups

warm ups
Poetry Warm Ups

RESIDENCY projects…

“Folk Songs Are For Singing” (2 DAY RESIDENCY FOR GRADES 3 - 6 with optional Lyceum performance)

Do today’s students realize that folk songs are a potent part of their cultural heritage? This music was a driving force in my own development as a poet, songwriter, and performer. I am passionate about inspiring others to hear and sing it!

I begin by performing selected folk songs and then students respond through a reflective protocol, discovering the meaning and impact of this art form for themselves. Then they learn about the actual historical and social context in which the songs were created. Next, I lead fun vocal and physical warmups, designed to energize and prepare students to sing with greater power, accuracy, and confidence. The residency culminates in students learning to sing two or more folk songs. They may perform in the (optional) lyceum concert as well.

Classes meet a variety of STATE STANDARDS in MUSIC and HISTORY

“The Electricity of Poetry” (2 DAY RESIDENCY FOR MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOLS with optional Lyceum performance, public display and/or publication.)

Let’s take poetry off the page and discover the connection between the written word and the power of sound and movement, delivered with clarity and conviction to a supportive, responsive, and often surprised audience!

I begin by performing my own poems, showing that poetry can be about anything. Then students respond to what they’ve heard by answering inquiry questions. Next, I lead them in exercises designed to get them energized and connected, while increasing their confidence, dynamically expressing through sound and movement. Students are guided to write with full sensory awareness, using unexpected creative tools. Finally, they go on to explore their full range of creative talents with purposeful and dramatic delivery of their work.


All projects can be adapted to fit the needs of the class and goals and preferences of the teachers. 

Contact information:

Phone: 320-543-3394



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