Sarah Drake - Visual arts, Mixed Media, Paper Collage

Sarah Drake

Sarah Drake

Teaching Experience Grades 1-12, Adults and Seniors

I have worked with children, youth, adults and seniors of various abilities, nationalities and languages. By providing safe exploration in mixed media with other subjects, students develop comfort with art instead of being scared of it. This expands their understanding thus leading to expression via creating.

Here are some of the ways I like to explore and nurture creativity:

  • Include descriptive review of artwork
  • Talk about things that don’t seem related and then students find the way to their inspiration
  • Change the materials we are using mid-creation
  • Write before creating visual work

Residency projects…

My residencies build comfort with art through creativity, inspiration, exploration and discovery in combination with social science themes like:
1. Art as a tool for social change.
2. Bridging our difference through similarities.
3. Telling migration stories.

All projects can be adapted to fit the needs of the class and goals and preferences of the teachers. 

Contact information:

Phone: 320.266.4316

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