Debbi Graham

Sauk Rapids, MN 56327

COUNTY: benton
WORK PHONE: 320-310-8546
HOME PHONE: 320-310-8546



Painting is my outlet. While others get lost in a book, painting is my \\\'good read\\\'. I am a self taught artist. Using my natural abilities helps me feel a sense of purpose. To me, a piece of work that is intriguing or meaningful to the viewer is considered an accomplishment.

I enjoy painting with acrylics because I can work quickly, and they are very versatile. I use them in thin layers that give depth to what I am painting. There are also many different mediums that can be used. These additives can create different textures and, ultimately, the desired emotion behind the work.

Because feelings are such an important part of my art, I often use people and animals as my subjects. The endless supply of expressions they have, allow me a wide range of topics to work with.

I will never be done learning, and continue to evolve with each painting. I like to take risks, and I challenge myself constantly. This breathes energy into each work and keeps me fresh and invigorated by what I do.