Flora Shinkle

22172 Great Northern Drive
Cold Spring, MN 56320

COUNTY: Stearns
WORK PHONE: 320 290 6892
HOME PHONE: 320 597 2863
EMAIL ADDRESS: floraez@juno.com
WEBSITE ADDRESS: www.mnartists.org
Flora Shinkle


“I consider myself a part-time or full-time established professional artist who routinely produces/performs. I actively market my work.”

After learning to paint what I saw for many years, it became obvious to me that realism was no longer holding my interest. I am fascinated with the patterns and play of shapes against one another. Abstraction allows color and design to be the primary emphasis of my work.

I have been working in series of construction objects and see them as breaking up the picture plane with circles and rectangles. One of my series consists of few shapes with collage and found objects. Another is of figures with the emphasis on body language.

I truly love what I'm doing. It is play, intense and exhausting play.

Slides, video/audio tapes, or a brochure of work available to look at if requested.

I have marketed myself as an artist as follows:
Paramount arts Gallery in St Cloud, MN and The Blessing Well in Paynesville MN

I have taught art classes/private lessons for adults/students. I have done teaching/demonstrating in a school setting. I have acted as a Juror/panelist for arts grants/competitions. I have sold my work at art fairs. I have done commissioned work.

I would be interested in: teaching art classes/private lessons for adults, acting as a Juror/panelist for arts grants/competitions, and selling my work at art fairs.