JD Jorgenson

9022 Nuthatch Road
St. Joseph, MN 56374

County: Stearns
Work Phone: 320.309.1529
Home Phone: 320.309.1529
Email address: jdpottery@gmail.com
Website: www.jorgensonpottery.com

Visual Artist, Pottery

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WORK: I am a ceramic artist & potter focusing on wood fired local clays and porcelain. I use traditional Japanese style tools techniques that emphasis the clay flavor. I fire 4 times a year to cone 6- cone 10 and reduction cool the kiln

I have taught art classes for adults/students. I have done teaching in a school setting. I have done commissioned work. I also offer internships, assistantships and mentorships. For current class schedule and opportunities visit www.jorgensonpottery.com/opportunities