Jenni Johnson

1201 E. St. Germain, Apt. 12
St. Cloud, MN 56304

COUNTY: Benton
HOME PHONE: (320) 253-8165

VISUAL ARTIST - Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Art Therapy

“I’m serious about my art and would like some day to actively market my art, but I am not quite ready at this time.”

To me art is everything. Everything from the sky, the trees, the architecture that surrounds us, and what we make. I love color; with out color life would be lifeless. Therefore I use color, and bright color...normally. I figure brighter colors, happier moods, happier days...ah. Art doesn't need to be something you can tell what it is right away. It can just be a good feeling. I think that's what a lot of my work entails, good feelings. You may look at it and have an odd sense to, "what am I looking at?" Don't be set on the idea that art has to be a certain thing, because it's not. Just enjoy it as it is. You may not like everything, but it will give you a feeling.

I am near 21 and in my first year of graduate school for art therapy. I also voluntarily manage the Paramount Art Gallery in St. Cloud along with working a full time job elsewhere. I'm not able to create the art that I want when I want, I have to wait for the time when I have a break between semesters as my course work is very deep.

Slides, video/audio tapes, or a brochure of work available to look at if requested.

I have marketed myself as an artist at the Paramount Art Gallery in St. Cloud.

I have taught art classes/private lessons for students.

Future Interest include teaching art classes/private lessons for adults/students, teaching/demonstrating in a school setting, actting as a Juror/panelist for arts grants/competitions, selling my work at art fairs.