Kenn K aka WANAKU

2180 Holloway Ave E
Maplewood, MN 55109

COUNTY: Ramsey
WORK PHONE: 612 558 2800
HOME PHONE: 651 777 2701

MUSIC ARTIST - Guitar, Djembe, Voice, Composer OTHER CULTURE: AFRICAN

"I consider myself a serious artist whose goal is to be a part-time or full-time established professional artist."

  • I grew up in the grassfield hills of the Adamawa Grassland Hills, West Africa - a region with a dense concentration of distinct tribes, each with specific cultural attributes.
  • Artistic expression (include music, dance) is a readily affordable channel for self-identity by each of these tribes.
  • I experienced and took an active part in musical and public performance events in this context.
  • Now as a singer/songwriter, I believe that I have a bottomless reserve of ideas that I constantly tap into for new material.
Slides, video/audio tapes, or a brochure of work available to look at if requested.

I have marketed myself as an artist as follows:

I have taught art classes/private lessons for adults/students. I have done teaching/demonstrating in a school setting. I have acted as a Juror/panelist for arts grants/competitions.