Laura "the Potter" Lounsbury

2810 Jansen Ave SE
Buffalo, MN 55313

COUNTY: Wright
HOME PHONE: 763-477-5665
CELL PHONE: 763-486-7490

Visual ARTIST – Pottery, Sculpture, Glass Fusion, Monthly column in Free Riders Press

Pottery is not my hobby; it's a way of life.  When I grab that glob of earth and move to the rhythm of the wheel my tactile senses come alive to create an object of beauty and function.  It's the hardest work I've ever loved!

I am a full time potter/instructor. I make functional pottery and sculpture work. Since 1991 I created and teach a course called "clay camp" and "Total Clay Camp"  thru Comm. Ed. throughout Central Minnesota, teach Scout Troops, birthday parties, homeschool coops, taught artists in residency, and sell my work in a home show setting.

Also, I am a glass fusion artist, and people contact me to have cremation remains fused inside the glass for pendants or ornaments.
My current studio is not good for hosting classes.  Space will be needed for me to teach any type of class.  Then, I will take the projects back to the studio for firing and glazing.