Mary Helen Taft

PO Box 75
Zmmerman, MN 55398

COUNTY: Sherburne
WORK PHONE: 763-856-3447
HOME PHONE: 763-856-3447

VISUAL ARTIST - Photography

Artwork reflects the following ethnic background: Scandinavian & Irish

"I consider myself a serious artist whose goal is to be a part-time or full-time established professional artist."

Abstract Photography - These bold geometric images represent a unity of Ms. Taft’s technical and artistic background. The structured precision of the architectural images reflect both a compelling metropolitan allure and a sense of the surreal - a consequence of the city dweller’s disconnection from the natural world. The influence of Georgia O’Keefe threads through the natural imagery and invokes an erotic tension that creates an organic quality in the tightly structured mystical forms. The manifestation of powerful totems reminds us of our universal connection to nature and spirituality. Analogous to the Celtic and the traditional Norwegian motifs, the symmetry and repeating patterns of the elemental images are inspired by Ms Taft’s Irish / Norwegian ancestry.

Similar to the psychodiagnostic tests published by Hans Huber, 1948 (Rorschach Ink Blots), viewing these images is distinctively personal for each individual, eliciting a variety of impressions and metaphors that spring from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This innovative blend of art and technology represents a radical break from tradition and embodies a uniquely original emergence in the sphere of abstract photography.

Slides, video/audio tapes, or a brochure of work available to look at if requested.

I have marketed myself as an artist as follows:
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I have given readings of my work. I have sold my work at art fairs. I have done commissioned work.