Robert Hagberg

717 32nd St SE
Buffalo, MN 55313-5321

COUNTY: wright
WORK PHONE: 763-682-5236
HOME PHONE: 763-682-5236

VISUAL ARTIST – Painting, Poetry

There is something magical about taking paint, a brush and canvas and creating something. For me, it is about painting moments in time from places I have been. I love to travel and experience the variety that the world has to offer, being especially drawn to the mountains and the ocean. I find painting an experience similar to soaking in the majesty of a mountain range or listening to the rhythm of ocean waves crashing a rocky coast. I am filled with joy when I can see a painting taking shape and humbled when someone describes the emotion they feel when they see my work. Painting is a part of me and has become a way of life that I hope to always be able to follow.