Derek Freese

1006 Strawberry Ct
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

COUNTY: Benton
WORK PHONE: 320-237-4238
derek freese

VISUAL ARTIST – Furniture Design

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WORK: As I progress as an artist, I understand that my art reflects my experiences. The art I make helps me to understand that I don’t define the things I do, but more or less they define and shape me. Much of my work relates to experiences of growing up and relationships in their many varieties. As I become more in tune with myself and my surroundings, my art has become more refined and harmonious with me. I try not to force a meaning onto each piece I create, but more or less let the meaning grow into something that has a purpose.

Simple, clean lines, common materials, and no decoration is the aesthetic I am most attracted to in my designs. Each piece’s core begins with basic forms that have their roots in my first artistic creations. Through the early uses of curves I have been able to reduce and refine these early complexities to something that possesses simple definition. I’ve been able to use innovations in shape to further my art by generating nonobjective compositions of elemental forms that are seemingly floating in unstructured space.

As an undergraduate art student, I have fully explored multiple mediums that over time have lead to the creation of a cohesive body of abstract and sculptural works. Through the increasing awareness and excitement for the lessons of modern design history, I have been able to utilize practical design ideas by appropriating technology and engineering to economize materials. With this in hand I’ve been able to administer numerous processes and methods of organizing material, resulting in the appropriate treatment. This has led me to seek a new visual environment that furthers my understanding of design and reduction of objects to their essential components.

I would be interested in: teaching art classes/lessons for students, teaching/demonstrating in a school setting, and acting as a Juror/panelist for arts grants/competitions.