Artist Interview
CMAB Artist Career Develpment Grant recipient builds wood-fired kiln
Johnne McMahan built a wood fired kiln at Jorgenson Pottery Studio to learn through experience how to build a wood fired kiln and to leave a tool for future ceramic students to use to explore different clay bodies and glazes.

CMAB interviews artists in Arts and Harmony International Juried Art Show
The Arts in Harmony International Juried Art Show displayed 219 artists' work such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, and sequential art. 39 artists that won an award at the show located in the Sherburne County Government Center February 3rd and March 27th, 2014.

ECFE Nature Explore Center Gateway Public Art by Sue Seeger
In October 2013, Sue attended the Grand Opening of the Nature Explore Center and cut the ribbon to open the Nature Explore Center. Prior to the public art installation the entrance was a weedy, worn, muddy path to a black, powder-coded 6-foot high fence with a standard gate.
CMAB Interview with Melissa Gohman on the Mahowald Public Art Project
A brief interview and glimpses of the Mahowald Plaza public art project before completion. We sit down with Melissa Gohman of the Paramount Visual Art Center to discuss the process. Video contains imagery of the process, including some of the techniques involved. 

CMAB Interview with Patrick Dougherty's Stickwork Residency

We chat with international artist Patrick Dougherty about the recent Stickwork sculpture. The sculpture is located in the St. John's University Arboretum and was funded by the CMAB. Stickworks is a natural sculpture process, which uses local saplings to create large works. This particular sculpture is over two-stories in height! Patrick takes us through the process!