Got Questions?

Q. How can I find my MN House and Congressional Districts?
A. On the Minnesota Secretary of State's Polling Place Finder -
Q. What is a legal status code and where can I learn what mine is?
A. Legal status codes are required for data collection purposes by the Minnesota State Arts Board and the MN Legislature. For a definition of the RAC Data codes Click Here
Q. Where can I find my Institution and Discipline codes?
A. Institution and Discipline codes can be found on the RAC Data form Here!
Q. What are some suggestions for evaluating the outcomes of art projects?
A. The primary purpose of evaluation, in addition to gaining insight into prior or existing initiatives, is to enable reflection and assist in the identification of future change. Some suggestions are Surveys, attendance count, audience votes, photographs, purposeful observation, conversations with audience/participants. Make sure to match your evaluation methods with your proposed outcomes.
Q. What resources are available to help maximize my chances of receiving a grant?
A. Attend the free grant writing workshops offered. Workshop dates can be found on the Grant Calendar, grant program pages, Classes and Workshops page, in our newsletter and other communications (Sign Up for the Enews).
Applicants may request a Draft Review of an application. CMAB staff will review the application and identify any concerns, upon request submitted via email at least two weeks before the application deadline.
Q. How can I obtain information about upcoming opportunities?
A.Sign Up for our bi-weekly Enews, Like Us on Facebook, check our opportunites for artists under the
Calls For Artis, Jobs, Classes & Workshops in the left navigation bar.
Q. Are there any services, aside from granting, that the CMAB offers to aid artists?

A. The CMAB often collaborates with multiple organizations to provide free opportunties listed under Calls For Artis, Jobs, Classes & Workshops in the left navigation bar. Click the Resources tab in the left navigation for other organizations Local, National, Regional and State that serve the arts.

Artists are encourged to register in the Artist Registry (left navigation). This is free and provides artists another avenue to market themselves as well as providing us the opportunity to communicate specific opportunties that become available.

Q. How can I become a Teaching Roster Artist?
A. Apply for the Teaching Artist Roster Program. Accepted applicants participate in a training program designed to assist artists with converting their disciplines into curriculum in order to provide artist residencies in schools, organizations, and communities. Applicants who successfully complete the training become eligible to apply for CMAB’s Teaching Roster Artist in Residency grants.
Q. What volunteer opportunities are available and how do I become one?
A. Click the Volunteer tab (left) to access Board/Advisory panel applications. The CMAB occasionally use the services of volunteer advisors who review grant applications.
We also have intern positions available located on the Jobs page.
FY17 Opportunities Workshop Presentation
This presentation is a brief description
of Grant Opportunities and program changes for Fiscal Year 2017. For information on a specific program, download the Grant Guidelines or contact the CMAB office.

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