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Compas -
COMPAS is a statewide, non-profit arts organization affiliated with the Young Audiences Arts for Learning network that sparks students’ imaginations, brings creativity into the lives of older adults, and inspires people to create. At its core, COMPAS brings art to people. Professional artists work alongside students, teachers, senior citizens, patients and sometimes just passersby to help them discover their own creativity and learn a new skill.

Our artists are skilled in many art forms including visual arts, performing arts, music and writing and we are always looking to add new art forms to our offerings. COMPAS’ direct programs range from in-depth residencies to summer employment to short performances; all include ways for people to participate. Our indirect programs help other organizations bring art to communities.

Cultural Data Project (CDP) -
The Cultural Data Project offers a powerful online management tool designed to strengthen arts and cultural organizations. This groundbreaking project gathers reliable, longitudinal data on the sector.
Our emerging national standard enables participating organizations to track trends and benchmark their progress through sophisticated reporting tools, empowers researchers and advocates with information to make the case for arts and culture, and equips funders with data to plan and evaluate grantmaking activities more effectively.

Forecast Public Art -
Recognized nationally as a major public art resource, Forecast Public Art provides facilitation and consultation services to a number of diverse communities, agencies and artists throughout the nation seeking to create public art. Our successful partnerships have helped leverage considerable support for public art and local public artists.

In addition to regional and national databases of artists in all disciplines, and strong connections with public art professionals throughout the country, we provide a Public Art Toolkit website.

This toolkit will provide you with information and examples of all aspects of public art, from contemporary ideas and resources, to a step by step guide to the entire process of creating public art.

Forum of Regional Arts Councils of Minnesota
Throughout Minnesota, the Forum of Regional Arts Councils provides a strong voice and advocacy for small arts organizations and community-based, arts related activities. Important to the accomplishment of this mission are our working partnerships with organizations such as the Minnesota State Arts Board and Minnesota Citizens for the Arts.

Only Minnesota has such a system of regional arts councils which can disseminate state and other funding for the creation, performance and appreciation of Minnesota art. Each of the eleven Minnesota Regional Arts Councils has a primary staff person. Together, these representatives comprise the voting membership of the Forum of Regional Arts Councils. Click here for our brochure.

LOFT Literary Center -
The Loft Literary Center is the nation’s largest independent literary center. The Loft supports the artistic development of writers, fosters a writing community, and builds an audience for literature. Thousands of students register for Loft creative writing courses each year; thousands more participate in Loft readings and other events. Loft competitions, grants, and honoraria help authors pursue the writing life. Loft publications and its website bring the writing life home to literature lovers everywhere.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts -

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts enriches the community by collecting, preserving, and making accessible outstanding works of art from the world’s diverse cultures.

MIA offers Exhibitions, Collections, the Museum, Education and Resources, Tours, Classes, Lectures, Youth and Family Programs and more.

The Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program (MAEP)
A curatorial department of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) dedicated to exhibiting and supporting artists living and working in the state of Minnesota. Began in 1975 as a creative partnership with the MIA, the MAEP was founded by a group of regional artists interested in creating an innovative exhibition and programming space. What began as a year-long agreement has been extended into an ongoing relationship between the Minnesota artist community and the MIA. Generous support for MAEP is provided by The McKnight Foundation and Jerome Foundation.

Minnesota Association of Community Theatres -

MACT is a statewide, volunteer run organization which holds meetings, workshops, festivals and other events throughout the state of Minnesota. Its mission is:

  • to promote standards of excellence in theatrical endeavors in Minnesota communities;

  • to encourage, channel and facilitate the exchange of ideas among theatres to better foster their growth and improvement; and

  • to encourage the theatre arts through educational devices such as workshops, festivals, contests, conferences and other means.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) -
A respected and dedicated champion of the field, Minnesota Center for Book Arts is the largest and most comprehensive center of its kind. We celebrate the book as a vibrant contemporary art form that takes many shapes. Our mission is clear: to lead the advancement of the book as an evolving art form. MCBA is committed to book art, artists and appreciators. Our mission is achieved through quality programs that support a broad continuum of creators, learners and admirers

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts -
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA) is a statewide arts advocacy organization that organizes the arts community to lobby the Minnesota State Legislature and Congress. Our mission is to ensure opportunity for all people to have access to and involvement in the arts.

Minnesota Creative Arts and Aging Network -
MnCAAN is a network of Minnesotans dedicated to expanding opportunities for creative expression by older adults through the arts. This organization inspires older adults to create art; educates citizens, organizations, and public officials about the benefits of artistic self-expression for older adults; helps organizations develop effective arts programming for older adults; helps artists share their expertise through teaching and directing; showcases the work of older artists, links these groups to collaborate and learn from each other.

MN Music Coalition -
The Minnesota Music Coalition is a statewide network for independent musicians who care about creating and sustaining a vibrant popular music community. Through education, communication, and advocacy, we create access to resources and professional development services.

Minnesota State Arts Board -
The Minnesota State Arts Board values the arts as a vital element in the life of our community. The arts, in their many forms, provide a vehicle for developing and expressing creativity, a tool for growth, and a means of connecting people across cultural boundaries.

Minnesota Theater Alliance -
Minnesota Theater Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit service organization who’s mission is to leverage the collective strengths of Minnesota's theaters and theater professionals to promote, support, and advocate for the Minnesota theater industry locally, nationally, and internationally, believing that theater is an essential public good, critical to a healthy and truly democratic society and invaluable as a source of personal enrichment and growth. - is an online database of Minnesota artists and organizations from all disciplines. It offers to Minnesota-based artists a central gathering place on the Web, and will grow to become a marketplace and community hub. It offers the public a new way to explore art and get to know artists. In addition to providing artists and organizations with a web page containing images and information, provides news and features about the local arts scene from a variety of sources.

Northern Clay Center -
Northern Clay Center's mission is the advancement of the ceramic arts. Ongoing programs include exhibitions by contemporary regional, national and international ceramic artists, as well as historical and architectural ceramics; classes and workshops for children and adults at all skill levels; studio space and grants for artists; and a sales gallery representing many top ceramic artists from the region and elsewhere.

Perpich Center for Arts Education -
The Perpich Center for Arts Education (PCAE) is a dynamic agency of the State of Minnesota, and a unique state-of-the-art organization of national stature representing Minnesota’s dedication to excellent education. Perpich's mission is to improve K–12 education for all Minnesota students and educators through innovative programs and partnerships centered in the arts.

Springboard for the Arts -
Springboard for the Arts is a non-profit Artist service organization. Springboard for the Arts’ mission is to cultivate a vibrant arts community by connecting artists with the skills, contacts, information and services they need to make a living and a life.

Textile Center -
The Textile Center is a national center for fiber art. Its mission is to honor textile traditions and promote excellence and innovation in fiber art. The Textile Center represents and supports fiber artists working in all forms of textile media including weaving, quilting, knitting, sewing, needlework, lace making, basketry and beading. A critical part of the Textile Center's mission is to bring validation and visibility to this field of art. Textile arts arise from all cultures and the Textile Center works to preserve traditional forms as well as to encourage experimentation and the development of new fiber art forms.

VSA Minnesota -
State Organization on Arts and Disability
VSA Minnesota is dedicated to ensuring that music, theater, dance, creative writing, and visual and media arts play a part in the lives of all people. In addition, VSA Minnesota believes that experiences in the arts enhance personal growth, increase educational achievement and enable career success. Participation in the arts promotes acceptance and inclusion in all aspects of life.

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota (WGM) –
Preserving and advancing the arts of weaving, spinning, and dyeing. Since its founding in 1940 by six women, including Hilma Berglund, the Weavers Guild of Minnesota has established itself as a nationally-recognized resource for the arts of weaving, spinning, and dyeing. The Guild offers classes and events year round, serving nearly 700 new and experienced fiber artists each year. It was the catalyst in the formation of the Textile Center, where the Guild currently maintains classroom, retail, and library space.

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